The pharmaceutical industry is a whopping Rs.85,000 Cr. business generating segment in India with an annual growth of 15% per annum on the anvil. Vexta Labs contributes to it’s share of business with vibrant operations in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Pune & Goa.

Equipped to adapt manufacturing practices for product customization to the core, Vexta Labs is gaining a prominent spot with the established players in the trade. Following GMP is an important criteria of growth and this has being a part of the company culture right from emancipation. Development of niche portfolios in various segments have generated interest amongst the industry resulting in optimizing growth and margins.

In order to bring down healthcare expenses, Govt. is focusing on speedy introduction of generic drugs in the market. Riding the growth curve has also given rise to expectations with increased urbanization and change in lifestyle patterns posing new challenges to meet expectations of the industry.

Helmed by Mr.Anup Banerjee – President, Global Business, Vexta Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. has stamped it’s authority in the global market within a short span of time. Currently exporting to countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and pan-CIS regions, export to South East Asia, Africa and the Latin American markets is just a matter of fact in the near future.

The requisite registration and administrative processes in the potential country of exports are almost through and Subsidiary Companies with Rep offices are slated to start a new era in the world of global pharmaceutical trade.

Attributes like top-notch Quality products, reasonable Pricing and world class standard of Packaging on the foundation of a dedicated and trained work force has made the global community to sit up and take cognizance of the organization as a serious contender.