The Quality Policy is defined by production of quality products ensured by adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which constitute international set of guidelines for the manufacture of drugs and medical devices. This ensures risk mitigation with reference to manufacturing, packaging, testing, labeling, distributing etc. The protocols are largely concerned with parameters such as drug quality, safety, efficacy and potency.

The Quality Policy is followed to the last letter by one and all in the organization.

Vexta meticulously follows the GMP guidelines as those are adopted by over 100 countries either in the form of regulations (Japan, Korea and United States) or Directives (European Union) or Guides (United Kingdom) or Codes (Australia).

Quality Control starts with material planning, procurement of material for production from approved, reputed and standardized vendors. The product stability is monitored during the shelf life and continues to be monitored until the release of finished goods for sale and expiry of the product.

The high quality of the products is maintained by operating in total compliance with the GMP norms set by the WHO and the latest international guidelines set by the USFDA/UKMHRA/EUGMP. Adequate, well qualified technical team, calibrated equipment and well-laid out Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are responsible for following the international norms.

The products are subjected to a series of tests before, during and post production. The environment and utilities are continuously monitored on a real-time basis.

Total Quality Management is endorsed by maintaining high safety standards and utilization of environment friendly and clean processes. Our Quality Management & Assurance has been the cornerstone in receiving approvals from various ministries of health & regulatory agencies for our products.

Adapting to latest technological innovations, our Quality Control laboratories possess latest equipments offering excellence at each stage of processing. Quality of the product is not compromised irrespective of the domestic and overseas markets, thus ensuring uniform results all throughout.