The pharmaceutical industry is a whopping Rs.85,000 Cr. business segment in India with an annual growth of 15% per annum on the anvil. Vexta contributes to it’s share of business with vibrant operations in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra & Goa.

Equipped to adapt manufacturing practices for product customization to the core, Vexta is gaining aprominent spot with the established players in the trade. Following GMP is an important criteria of growth and this has been a part of the company culture right from emancipation. Development of niche portfolios in various segments have generated interest amongst the industry resulting in optimizing growth and margins.

Quality of the personnel employed to deliver the services to clinicians & the quality of the products joining hands with following the basic systems in administration & management ensures the rapid growth of Vexta. This has led to a 5 fold more growth percentage for Vexta in the initial years of operations compared to the average growth rate of the industry.

Constant upgradation of the product portfolio and the monitoring strategies has led to an unstoppable drive in the sales of Vexta products in India.