Incorporated on July 29, 2010 Vexta Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is an integrated pharmaceutical company specializing in innovative pharmaceutical formulations envisaged by Directors, Mr.Sujit Kumar Singh & Mr.Purushottam Sharma.

Vexta offers a broad spectrum of proven formulations and products with performance solutions dedicated to help clinicians succeed in treating various ailments. The services are reinforced with provision of dossiers including WHO-GMP certificate, Manufacturing License, COPP’s, FSC’s and samples.

With global and regional commercial operations backed by an efficient team of technical and administrative personnel, we are able to serve the industry with the most efficient logistics systems worldwide.

Adopting a cost-effective and flexible approach, the proposed models of co-operation include a gamut of activities from Identifying the most attractive products for markets, markets for products & Encourage co-marketing, distribution and supply chain processes.

The ultra-modern state of the art WHO-GMP facilities at Vexta Labs enables it to work towards the Vision to achieve a meaningful position in the space of Branded generics within India & across the globe by 2020. We intend to expand across the Indian subcontinent in a planned manner to achieve our vision by the said timelines. Our product registrations are on way in selected 16 countries which we also intend to expand so we achieve a meaningful addition in terms of international business.

We have embarked on a Mission to provide Value Addition in terms of high quality products for masses and offer that Extra Care for precious human health vide Government tenders and Institutional business.

Our Values are ingrained in teachings of achieving Customer Satisfaction with top product quality and services. At Vexta we believe, long term strategic partnerships go a big way in establishing positive business ties resulting in organic growth of the entire business ecosystem.

A combined experience of more than 35 years in the field plays a cumulative effect benefitting the industry with a host of USPs.

In-house Quality Control & Analytical Lab

Multi-layered supervision with Senior Management Expertise at each step, right from       Production till the Distribution of products.

In-house regulatory team.

Ever expanding portfolio of products catering to a wide range of business categories.

Attractive pricing and ceaseless Marketing support.

Following ethical practices laid down as per the Medical Council of India

Mr. Sujit Kumar Singh

Education: With a first class engineering degree & a Masters in Business Administration, Mr. Sujit Singh, has hands on experience in the Russian & CIS markets, Mr. Singh has a wide exposure into key areas leading to success in the Indian and the international markets such as Manufacturing, Marketing & Logistics to the core.
He is aware of the basics of the industry within the country and around the globe. Thus he could bring in global practices into the local markets and succeed at an amazing speed. Vexta proudly acclaims itself to be one of the very few fastest growing companies in the Indian subcontinent, which is because of the brains behind Vexta are so competent in the areas of operations as well as strategies.

Mr. Purushottam Sharma

Education : A Commerce graduate with fine acumen on the business aspects of the domestic and the exports pharmaceutical industry.

Key Traits & Experience : He contributes to the finer areas of the overall management of the business and thus the directors balance within themselves the day to day management and the overall running of the business across India & overseas.